Faster, Portable Windows 8 With Cloud Synchronization: A Risky Bet

Cloud synchronization will play a major role in Windows 8, but Windows 8 will also boot a lot faster than its predecessor Windows 7. According to Steve Ballmer, Windows 8 will be “a risky bet”.

Portable Windows 8

New on the list of Windows 8 features are: Cloud syncing, portable workspace via USB sticks and also faster boot up times.

Windows 8 Features Faster Boot Times

Something that we already have on Windows 7, Windows 8 is going to feature a faster boot option that seems to work in a way that involves saving the current state on disk. It will be an option while logging out and will be much like hibernation. It should amount to almost instantaneous booting if everything goes according to plan.

Cloud Syncing Coming To Windows 8

Windows 8 will also feature extensive cloud based functions that allow you to back your files and folders up to the cloud. Thus making them accessible from anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet.

Another possibility that seems to the hiding in the woodwork is access to these files and folders through Windows phone 7 (and hence probably on 7.5 AKA Mango as well). So you can take your world with you when you step out of your workstation.

Your account on your computer might also be linked to your Windows Live account, which can open many new possibilities that are already being explored by mobile OS’ like Android and iOS. Microsoft hasn’t really hinted towards what it will be like but the linked Live account can store important configuration and personal information that will make cloud computing and shifting from one machine to the other less painful and more familiar. Also, Azure is definitely going to play a part.

Portable Windows 8 On A USB Stick

As we reported Windows 8 will be portable. A featured called “portable workspaces” will allow you to put Windows 8 on a USB stick.

That’s right, thanks to a leaked screenshot, we now know that Windows 8 will have a feature that will allow you to carry your workspace on a memory stick. But according to the leaked screenshot, which is of an error screen, it will need to have a minimum of 16GB! That is an awful lot of memory actually.

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