FAQ: Windows 8 Development Costs?

If you’re wondering what the Windows 8 development costs could be, let’s take a look at some speculations.

Development Costs

Expected Revenue: 5 -10 billion (1st Year)

I can only imagine how much money they are currently spending on the Windows 8 development. Microsoft spent a staggering 1 billion on the Microsoft-Nokia deal. Now, how much would they spend on the development in comparison? That are numbers I would really like to take a look at.

Let’s assume they expect to sell at least 100,000,000 copies of Windows 8 within the first year, that would mean Windows 8 would bring in approx. 100 x 100,000,000 = 10,000,000,000. (10bn) – Minus Shipping, Advertising, Production

So, if they expect that Windows 8 can make 10bn $US-Dollar in a year (probably more if everything goes well and it sells as well as Windows 7), how much could they spend on the Windows 8 development?

Let’s say they spend a billion on the development, then they would really need some bad sales figures to make a loss. Now the really tough question is, how many of the top developers can you hire for a billion-dollar?

As you can see, they must have quite a staggering budget and it might very well be the biggest IT project in history. Sure, Google spends billions of dollars on their flagship search engine, but it’s not a real software product that you can buy.

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