FAQ – Is Windows 8 Worth the Upgrade?

Is It Worth Upgrading To Windows 8_Thumb2 Wondering whether or not you should upgrade to Windows 8? Let us help you make a decision

Windows 8 has made a big splash in the computer world, and its release has been met with both joy and trepidation. Most serious computer users remember the Vista debacle, and are leery of taking another leap onto unproven ground. There’s no doubt the new OS is very pretty, but can it run with the big dogs?


What’s New?

The subtraction of the familiar start menu and the addition of the Charms bar is one of the most striking things about the new OS. The Charm system is tailor made for a touch experience, such as that found on a tablet, and PC users who lack a touch-screen may feel like they’re missing out. Additionally, long time Windows users may become alienated by the Apple-like interface. Those who feel that change is vexatious to the soul may want to take a pass, but more adventurous types will likely enjoy the innovative user interface, packed with plenty of new features.

What’s Better?

Putting questions of innovating for the sake of innovating and the user friendliness of the new system aside, Windows 8 is truly a smoother, faster experience. Microsoft has done a great job of streamlining the OS, and Windows 8 is a more responsive system which starts up faster and uses fewer computer resources to run. Windows has also opened application development up to independent up and comers, allowing for a more robust library of possible programs, which will become available through the company’s online app store as they are created.


Considering how new the OS is, it’s no surprise that not all the bugs have been worked out, yet. Users considering an upgrade may want to wait for other, more tech savvy people to blaze the trail for them. Right now, problems are still being reported and resolved, and online FAQs for troubleshooting are still being created. The longer the OS is around, the more users will run into odd problems, and the easier it will become to find answers to these issues. Businesses may also want to consider the time it will take to train employees on the new system before upgrading.

Is It Right For You?

In the end, the upgrade will be beneficial to some, and not so much to others. This is completely dependent on the needs and desires of the user. Owners of top of the line machines who want to stay on the cutting edge will find the upgrade to be a great boon to productivity, once they’ve adapted to the changes in the interface. Gamers, people who work with media editing and casual computer users will value the faster load times and quicker start up. Businesses and computer techs may want hold off, especially if they’re comfortable with their current version.

For anyone still on the fence, who can’t get their hands on the program to give it a test drive, there’s one good idea available. Check out YouTube videos of the OS in action, to help decide if the user interface is too daunting. In the end, only you can decide if the upgrade is worth your time.


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