FAQ: Is there a Windows 8 audio fix?

Preview Fix Audio_thumb Without audio, literary your system is really unusable. You may require audio almost everyday. With this tutorial you will learn how to fix Windows 8 audio.

Steps to fix Windows 8 audio

1. Click on the Desktop tile from the Home (Start) screen.

desktop tile fix audio

2. First of all on your task bar at the bottom right hand corner you will see a speaker icon. Make sure it is not covered by red circle. If it is then the speaker is muted. To unmute, click on the unmute icon.

unmute fix audio

3. Next, If your problem is still not fixed, then make sure your speaker is not disabled. If it is then enable it. To do that, first rightclick on the speaker icon on the task bar and select Playback devices.

playback fix audio

4. Next, right-click on the Speakers and select Enable. Then click on the Apply button and then OK. By now your issue must be fixed. If not then your audio driver is not correct or is corrupt. Re-install the audio driver. That are the complete steps to fix Windows 8 audio.

enable speakers fix audio


Make sure your speaker is not muted or is not disabled before re-installing the audio driver.

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