FAQ: How can i quickly defrag Windows 8 – any good tools?

Preview Smart Defrag Thumb The built-in defrag tool is not so fast. Here is one of the most popular tools for your system defragmentation

Windows has it’s default disk defragmentation utility, but there are faster tools. Smart Defrag is one of the best defrag softwares which is completely free. Defragmentation organizes files and the table structure on your hard drives so that Windows loads up faster. So here’s how to quickly defrag Windows 8:

1. Download Smart Defrag from

  • http://smart-defrag.en.softonic.com/

or simply google it. Save the installation file and install it.

install smart defrag

2. Next, click on the Start Now button.

start smart defrag

3. Next, Select the drive you want to defrag. First click on the Analyze button.

analyze smart defrag

4. Finally click on the Defrag button to defrag your drive. That are the complete steps to quickly defrag Windows 8.

defrag smart defrag


It is advisable to close running programs while using defrag utility. Also do not use defragment much often. It is good to use it once a month.

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