FAQ: Can I Still Use ReadyBoost in Windows 8 Or Will It Cause Problems?

Wondering whether you can still use ReadyBoost or not? Read this

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ReadyBoost is a disk cache component of Windows Operating system. It was first introduced with Windows Vista. It is compatible to work with any portable flash drive like USB Flash Drive, SD card, Compact flash etc. . ReadyBoost cache allows Windows Vista, Windows7 and 8 to service random disk reads much better than reads of traditional disks.

ReadyBoost can handle large sequential read requests and service these requests. Once you enable ReadyBoost facility, next time onwards whenever you plug in a compatible flash drive or a NAND Memory device, you eill get an additional option of ReadyBoost in the Autoplay. The following tutorial will teach you to learn how to setup and use ReadyBoost in Windows Operating System.


Steps to to Setup and Use ReadyBoost

1. First make sure that a removable disk is inserted in the USB port. Now go to Computer-> Right click and click on Properties.

Go to Properties

2. Now go to ReadyBoost tab-> Check the option Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost in order to turn ON ReadyBoost -> click Apply.

Dedicate to ReadyBoost

3. Now you’ll get a a message like the following. When it’s completed, click OK.


4. To configure its storage space to reserve for system speed. Move the slider to set your desired value-> Click OK.

Reserve Space

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