Ex-Microsoft Employee Is “Fixing” Windows 8

Start Screen Windows 8_ThumbMicrosoft may be all abuzz about how they are building a radical new platform with Windows 8 but there’s an ex-employee who is currently busy fixing what the Redmond tech giant is putting out.

Fixing Windows 8 Website Provides Solutions For PCs With No Touchscreen

It is true that Microsoft is trying to usher in a new era in the PC industry and make touchscreen go mainstream. It is also true that most of the PCs that will upgrade to Windows 8 do not have touchscreens, which makes the point of the new fangled OS completely lost on these users.

And these users make up the critical mass of the PC user and more. So one ex-Microsoft employee and UI and UX specialist — Micheal Bibik Jr. — has taken it upon himself to ‘fix’ what Microsoft is busy developing at the moment.

He has started a blog on a website called ‘www.fixingwindows8.com’ and has already posted some ranting and a mission statement of sorts that says Windows 8’s innovation is lost on those who don’t have touchscreen and that he is out to fix that.

This blog started on the 3rd of March and it has multiple points like how the Start Screen does not offer any startup tutorial or anything or how the Start Button is no longer there or how Metro apps don’t have the familiar controls like close and minimize.

Whilst Microsoft is trying to break free form the notions of UI that it set for it self through all previous versions of the Windows, it looks like Bibik is actually trying to hold on to them. What he says does make sense though — most regular users will just throw up their hands because everything is too unfamiliar.

In his blog, he says he will try to find potential solutions for these problems and hopefully make a difference. Bibik is currently an Amazon.com employee as an UI designer.

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