Enable The Windows 8 Safe Mode

If you want to make sure you can recover Windows 8 when you run into problems, it is recommended to enable the safe mode.

Enabling Windows 8 Safe Mode

1. Open an elevated command prompt in Windows 8 – don’t know how? Learn how to open a command prompt in Windows 8

2. Enter bcdedit /enum /v to get all information of your Windows Boot Loader and Manager

Windows 8 Boot Loader Information

3. Right-click now on the black area of the command prompt, select Mark and copy the identifier of your Windows Boot Loader:

Mark Windows 8 Boot Loader

4. Replace the id in the following command with the id of your own boot loader:.

bcdedit /copy {930371f3-e311-11e0-9c8a-a02bb0abc66a} /d “Windows 8 Dev (Safe Mode)”

Replace {930371f3-e311-11e0-9c8a-a02bb0abc66a} with own id

5. Insert the command with the replaced id into the command prompt and hit Enter

6. Open up msconfig.exe (search for it using the Metro search)

7. Go to the Boot options and select the entry Windows 8 Dev (Safe Mode) and check the option Safe boot.

If you want to enter the safe mode hit F8 during boot up.

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