Enable Auto-Login To Automatically Log Into Windows 8 Bypassing The Login Screen

Here’s a great tutorial that explains how you would enable the auto-login feature in Windows 8 and bypass the login screen entirely!

Click on Search

If you have installed a recent version of Windows 8 and the computer is not shared with anyone else, then you can get rid of the hassle of typing your username and password time and again when Windows loads up. Use automatic log on feature instead. In this aspect, Win 8 is similar to Win 7. Here is how you enable windows auto login:

1. Move your mouse over Start Menu button and click Search.

Click on Search

2. Click on Apps and type in netplwiz. Press Enter and a user accounts screen would open up.

Type in Netplwiz and press Enter

3. You would see the list of all those accounts used to login on Windows 8. Uncheck the box Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer and hit the OK button.

User Accounts screen

4. This would prompt you up to verify this action by getting your password. Type in your password and press OK.

Enter password for verification


You are done and when you restart your computer you should be able to get through the windows metro screen without logging in manually.

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