Edition Comparison: 4 Windows 8 Versions And Their Features

New Windows 8 versions are much simpler than what we had for Windows 7 but this post still explains the differences between all four versions to ensure that consumers make the right decision for themselves.
Windows 8 will come out in 3 versions plus one OEM version

Windows 8 Versions Explained: Which One Are You Gong to Buy:

1 Windows 8

The basic Windows 8 is what most users would want and it is definitely a well-featured OS for a price, which I am sure will be a bargain once it comes out. What it will not have are advanced features. It will come with everything that comes standard with Windows 8 along with apps like Media Player and Internet Explorer 10 and also Windows Store.

2 Windows 8 Pro

This is the version that every small to medium business owners would want. It comes with tools that let you manage data better and has virtualization options like Hyper-V. It also comes with advanced encryption options like file system encryption and security features like BitLocker. And it of course comes with everything that Windows 8 has.

3 Windows 8 Enterprise

Windows 8 Enterprise is the corporate version that will be given to companies that pay for Software Assurance licenses. It has everything that Windows 8 Pro has in addition to features that Enterprises require like PC Management, Deployment and Virtualization.

4 Windows 8 RT

Windows 8 RT (RunTime) is the pure Metro UI that will only be used on ARM devices. This version of the Windows will never be retailed and it will not available directly to the consumer. It will come installed on your phone, tablet or ultraportable computer and your manufacturer will be the one who will get it directly from Microsoft. This is the lighter version of Windows 8 that would not support legacy applications but it will be running on the ARM chips for mobile devices.

Microsoft will release more information as the launch draws closers, so watch this space.

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