Editing Videos in Windows 8 Using VideoPad Video Editor

If you want to edit some of your home videos on Windows 8 you should get some 3rd-party tools like VideoPad
How to Edit Video in Windows 8

Use Third-Party Video Editing Tool

Apart from professionally qualified and skilled video editors, video editing has always been a charm even for home users. There are many home users who really enjoy editing videos and cut and join several clips to customize the entire video according to their own choices.
In earlier versions of Microsoft Windows for example Microsoft Windows XP Windows Movie Maker, which was built in small program that was installed along with the installation of Microsoft Windows XP, was available which was used to edit videos and was also helpful in creating slideshows using several image files.
In recent versions of Microsoft Windows for example Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 8 it is comparatively simpler to download any third-party video editing application in order to edit videos. An application that is used as an example in this tutorial is VideoPad Video Editor which is quite small in size (approximately 3.75 MB) and provides an easy-to-use interface.
As a Windows 8 user if you want to edit your videos using VideoPad Video Editor you are required to follow the steps below:
1 Logon to your Windows 8 computer on which you want to edit videos.
2 Download and install VideoPad Video Editor from the Internet and double-click on its shortcut available on the desktop.
Double Click on VideoPad Video Editor Shortcut Icon

3 On the opened interface click on Add Media button available below the menu bar and browse for and locate the video file that you want to edit.
Click on Add Media Button

4 From the preview pane click on Play button to start the video.

5 Once started click on red flag on the same pane to mark the starting point from where you want to cut the video.
Click on Red Flag to Mark Start Point

6 Let the video play to the point up to where you want to cut it and once reached click on green flag to mark the ending point.
Click on Green Flag to Mark End Point

7 Click on green down arrow button to separate the edited clip.
Click on Green Arrow as Indicated

8 Click on File menu and then click on Save Project File to save the file with your desired name.
Click on Save Project File Option

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