Easiest way to format a Hard Drive in Windows 8 (when not in use!)

Format by pressing the Start button Here’s the easiest way to format a hard drive.

Formatting a Hard Disk Drive in Windows or Mac is normal and in case if something goes wrong and out of control, it evidently gets essential to format. Before formatting, make sure that you have made a safe & secure backup of your important files and data on another hard drive or external USB drive to avoid any losses. Here is how you format a HDD in windows 8:

1. Right click on the Hard Drive you want to format and click Format.

Right Click on HDD and click Format

2. You would be prompted by a new window pop-up to format your Hard Drive. It is upto you to Format with Quick Format checked, but I would personally suggest NOT to check this option if you want a thorough and clean sweep of your Hard drive. Now click on Start and Format the Hard Drive. It should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes depending upon your computer’s performance, and Hard Disk speed to perform a speedy format.

Format by pressing the Start button


You have successfully formatted your Hard Drive. As of now, the system should run smoothly without any errors, nags and bugs.

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