Drives: How to Format Windows 8 And Get Rid Off It

If you want to get rid off it, one way is to simply format your Windows 8 drive or partition. Learn how below.

How to Format Windows 8

What is Operating System Formatting?

The process of formatting an old operating system and reinstalling the very same version of the OS as a fresh install, in layman language, is known as formatting an operating system. Whether it is Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 the term “formatting” always technically means reinstalling the operating system while erasing all the files from of the already installed OS and formatting the particular drive, which in most cases is C:, where Windows was installed.
In Microsoft Windows 8 if you want to format the operating system, or to be more precise, reinstall Microsoft Windows 8 on a computer you are required to follow the steps given below:

1 Start the PC and enter into BIOS to configure it so as to make first bootable device CD/DVD.

2 Insert bootable Microsoft Windows 8 installation media and restart your computer to boot with DVD support.

3 On the very first screen that appears click on Next button leaving everything as default. This configuration can be done after the operating system is successfully installed on your computer.
Click on Next Button

4 On the appeared screen click on Install now button to continue.
Click on Install Now

5 On license agreement page check I accept the license terms check box and click on Next button.

6 On the next window click on Custom (advanced) option.
Click on Custom (advanced) Option

7 On Where do you want to install Windows? window click on Drive options (advanced) link.
Click on Drive options Link

8 From the list of partitions that appears select the one on which Windows 8 is installed. (Normally Disk 0 Partition 2 will be the one you would have to choose. In this case however it is Disk 1 Partition 2 because of two hard drives attached to the computer).

9 Once selected click on Format link to continue.
Click on Format Link

10 Follow on-screen instructions to reinstall Windows 8.

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