Download Windows 8 Game Themes

On this page you can download the best free Windows 8 game themes. If you’re are a gamer, you can find some really awesome themes here. We will make sure to upload themes for all upcoming and existing games. For special theme requests you can contact us.


Shooter/FPS Game Themes

Let’s check out our first game theme:

Download Battlefield 3 Gamer Theme

Download B3 Gamer Theme

And another game theme that we recently uploaded is this awesome Call of Duty theme for Windows 8:

Download Battlefield 3 Gamer Theme

Download Call of Duty Gamer Theme


RPG Themes

– spot reserved for various themes of RPG games –




Upcoming game themes for Windows 8:

There are other cool gamer theme for your Windows 8 desktop including various desktop icons for Windows 8. Here are some of the upcoming themes you can subscribe for:



If you have created any cool game themes for Windows 8, post a link below and we will upload them to our site

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