Disk drives: How to install Windows 8 on a new 2nd partition

Preview Install 2Nd Thumb Windows is easy and robust operating system. There are many interesting features in Windows 8. Follow the steps provided in this tutorial to install Windows on 2nd partition.

1. First, insert the Windows 8 installation DVD to your DVD drive and restart your computer. Before that make sure you have an empty partion with atleast 40-50GB for Windows 8. The installation process starts, click on the Next button.

install Windows 8 2nd

2. Next, click on Install now button.

Windows install now 2nd

3. Next, check / tick ‘I accept the license terms’ and click on the Next button.

License term install 2nd

4. Next, click on Custom (advanced).

Custom install 2nd

5. Next, you will have to select the 2nd (other) partition where you want to install Windows 8. If you do have much space than needed then you can again create another partition from the existing partion. To do that, click on New and specify the size. If you do not see these Format, New, Delete icons then click on the drive options to unhide them. Click Next.

Select partition 2nd

6. Finally, the installation of Windows 8 on a new partion starts. That are the complete steps to install Windows 8 on a 2nd partition.

Installation starts 2nd


Windows 8 has many new interesting and cool features than earlier Windows version.

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