Tutorial: Disable the UAC Notifications in Windows 8

If you can’t stand the annoying UAC notifications, there is an way to disable the UAC completely in Windows 8.

Disable UAC notifications in Windows 8

Tip: We strongly recommend that desktop users of the Windows 8 developer preview use the traditional Start menu. Here’s how to disable the Windows 8 metro start menu

1. If you use the classic Windows 8 Start menu then simply enter UserAccountControlSettings.exe into the search bar on your Start menu:

2. Then you can disable UAC notifications by changing the status of the slider to Never notify. This will get rid off UAC notifications.

System and Security Settings in Windows 8

1. Open the Control Panel in Windows 8 – make sure you access the Control panel via the classic Start menu
Security Settings in Windows 8

2. Click on Change User Account Control settings

Security Settings in Windows 8

3. Change the settings on the screen (slider to bottom) until it says “Never notify” to disable all UAC notifications in Windows 8


If you still can’t get rid off the annoying UAC notifications post your problems below.

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