Disable the touch screen on Windows 8

Written by: Dogar Sahab - Published: Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 - Comments

You got a keyboard for your tablet and want to disable the touch screen on Windows 8? Nothing easier than that, here’s how.

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All Windows 8 tablets come with good hardware configuration and one or more USB ports. USB ports are required to connect peripheral devices like External keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad and different Portable media devices. Some games
are not optimized with multi touch display. You need to add these peripheral devices to play them.

To avoid accidently touching the screen, you may want to disable the touch input temporarily after connecting the Peripheral devices (keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad) to the tablet. After disabling touch input feature, the display will behave like any other normal non-touch input display.

It is very simple task to disable the touch screen input on Windows 8. Simply follow the instructions below:-

1. Navigate to Start screen. In the Start screen, tap on
Control Panel tile.

Select Control Panel

2. In control panel Window, Scroll down and tap on the “More Settings” option.
Old Control Panel window will open.

More Settings

3. Next, go to Hardware and Sound and after that tap on Pen and
option. Pen and Touch window will open.

Tap on Pen and Touch

4. Now, in the Pen and Touch window, navigate to Touch tab
option. Uncheck the Use your finger as an input device box to disable the touch input. Then press
Apply and then OK.

Disable Touch Input

You are done. Now touch input is disabled on your Windows 8 tablet. Make sure you have already connected a doc, keyboard or mouse with your windows 8 tab before disabling touch input.

Otherwise you need to switched off your tablet by holding the power button and then switch on it to re enable touch input feature.

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Written by: Dogar Sahab

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  1. informed said:


  2. trent said:

    Informed, you are correct, I have a windows 7 on my samsung series 7 tablet and can do it but I was checking a new tablet with windows 8 and the touch tab is not in Windows 8. Unless someone can explain to me why it’s not in a factory installed windows 8 I don’t know.. So this article isn’t correct.. I absolutely have to disable touch.. I’m tired of teaching people how to use the pen when they sign contracts.. disabling touch should be easier to do.. but on windows 8 can’t be done.

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