Disable The System Restore Feature in Windows 8 To Free Disk Space

Did you know that system restore points can take up a lot of disk space? That’s why it might be helpful to disable the feature or lower the allowed disk space usage

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System restore helps in returning back the original settings, drivers, registry and many other settings. In case of any unknown problems in the computer system restore helps in restoring the previous settings and eliminates the problem. Disabling system restore is not a good idea because it somehow leaves you PC in security threats which are not desirable. However the following tutorial will help you to disable system restore in Windows 8.


Steps to disable System Restore in Windows 8

1. Open Windows Explorer and go to Computer-> Right click in an empty space and go to Properties. Open it.


2. The System dialogue box will open. Open system protection option.

Open System Protection

3. The System Properties dialogue box opens. Open Configure.

Configure System Properties

4. Now see the Restore Properties. You will find that by default system protection is turned on.


5. Click on the bubble beside disable System Protection to turn of the system restore and the click Apply. Now you have successfully disabled System Restore.


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