DirectX 11.1 On Windows 8: Great Hardware Accelerated Graphics

Microsoft has been working hard to improve two important parts of graphics experience on Windows 8 — raw performance and the battery life.

Windows 8 to have greatly improve graphics and GUI performance

Windows 8 Improves On Graphics Performance

Microsoft has been working on bettering both graphics performance and the battery life on Windows 8. The company recently detailed its efforts on the official Building Windows 8 blog. The post talks about how the company believes it has successfully done this by employing an embedded system inside the new DirectX 11.1 standard.

The new system divides graphics load of rendering text, images and shapes intelligently between CPU and GPU by assigning tasks according to the abilities of the processing unit. Using this method, Microsoft has apparently achieved an improvement of 336 percent when rendering text, 438 percent when rendering simple shapes and a 40 percent increase in case of JPEG rendering. These increases are based on the improved framerates.

The company also talks about the improved GUI pipeline in DirectX 11.1 and how all the requisite programming APIs have been consolidated for ease of use. This is an attempt to attract more developers to DirectX 11.1 and more importantly to Windows 8 Metro, where the impact of all these tweaks are likely to be the highest. It is sometimes difficult to understand what Microsoft means when they are addressing developers using technical terms but the ultimate goal for the company here is to give its users a smooth experience throughout. So they are constantly helping developers get the best out of Windows 8 and make compelling applications for the platform that perform well.

Microsoft has a very detailed post up on the Building Windows 8 blog where they explain how they have made these little tweaks and modifications that improve the overall stability, efficiency and performance of the user interface in Windows 8. If you are interested in knowing more, you should head over there and read the post in full.

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