Devices: Enable Bluetooth in Windows 8 Computer

Need to know how to enable Bluetooth in Windows 8, this tutorial should get you started to use your Bluetooth devices.
How to Enable Bluetooh in Windows 8

Enable Bluetooth for Simple Data Transfer

It is expected that if you are using Microsoft Windows 8 operating system you have installed it on your laptop PC. Most laptop PCs nowadays have built-in Bluetooth hardware which you can enable or disable according to your requirements. Although configuration of Bluetooth in any laptop depends on its individual hardware which is integrated in it however using Windows 8 you can still send or receive files very easily and quickly if you have enabled the hardware device of your laptop.

Once you have switched on Bluetooth hardware device on your laptop you can simply send or receive files via Bluetooth by following the instructions given as below:
1 Logon to your Windows 8 computer with administrator account.
2 Move mouse pointer to the bottom left corner of the screen.
3 On the appeared menu click on Search option.
Click on Search
4 On the bar appeared on the right side of the desktop click on Apps icon.
Click on Apps Icon
5 On the available list of options click on Bluetooth File Transfer.
Click on Bluetooth File Transfer
6 On Transfer files using Bluetooth box click on Send files or Receive files to send or receive the files respectively via Bluetooth. (Send files in this case).
Click on Send Files
7 On Select where to send your files box click on the name of the device to which you want to transfer the files and click on Next button.
Select the Device to Transfer
8 On Select the files to send box click on Browse button and locate a file that you want to transfer.
Locate the File to be Sent
9 Click on Next button to start the process.

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