Details Emerge For Special Windows 8 Chip From Intel

Intel Logo Clover Trail_thumb.jpg 1Intel’s next-gen Atom chip called the Z2580 was announced earlier this week for use in phones but the world’s largest chipmaker also added the small detail of this chip also running Windows 8 machines in the coming times.

Intel Atom Z2580 To Power Windows 8 Machines

Intel unveiled the Z2580 chip earlier this week and it was done at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2012 and was chiefly meant for use in mobile devices (both Android and Windows Phone). However, during the announcement the company also let slip that this is the same chip that will be humming away inside Windows 8 machines made by major PC manufacturers.

The Z2580 is a well-designed offering. It is the first ever dual-core chip that Intel has designed for phones. It uses hyper-threading to behave as a quad-core when needed and can even go up to 1.8GHz clockspeed through burst mode. To remain competitive, the Z2580 SoC also packs in some impressive graphics courtesy the PowerVR SGX 54MP2 GPU from Imagination. This is from the same line of GPUs that are powering all top-level smartphones at the moment and the iPhone is not an exception.

This chip is called the ‘Clover Trail L’ but there’s more to it. Intel also has something called the ‘Clover Trail W’ and that is the chip that will be running inside many Windows 8 tablet and other portable offerings.

There are minor differences between the two like a dual-core GPU on the ‘L’ and single-core one on the ‘W’. Also, there might not be 4G LTE support on the ‘W’ like there is on the ‘L’.

The reason cited for the L to be more advanced is because it will be coming out next year whereas the W is closer to completion. In fact, Intel is getting ready to release around the same time as the Windows 8 launch to take advantage of the huge interest around the new OS.

Intel is keeping shut about the whole thing right now and aren’t talking about the dual nature of this new Atom line. The subtle differences are only going to confuse users and it might even hurt sales if people start holding out for the new chip to appear.

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