Delving Deeper In to Internet Explorer 10 On Windows 8

Internet Explorer 10 was born in to controversy with its dual personality and now we explore it from close quarters to gain a deeper understanding of what it is capable of.

Exploring Internet Explorer 10

Understanding Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 seems to have avatars — one for the Desktop and one for the Metro. But underneath it all it is the same soul — the same core engine that runs both interfaces. This core engine takes quite a few steps in the right direction as compared to the older IE engines. It has better support for new web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. But most importantly — a lot of Metro itself is powered by this engine with its support for HTML5 and JavaScript (which Metro apps are built on).

One of the common misconceptions is that IE10 is only available for Windows 8. It is still at the preview stage and it will be available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 upon release.

Microsoft has made an effort to push for web standards to replace plugins once and for all. It initially banned all plugins from running on the Metro side but it was later revealed that it will ship IE10 with Adobe Flash built in. But its HTML5 support is more important as of now because most websites are now converting to this standard to replace Flash and similar plugins. A completely native web experience with rich interface support minus plugins is a future that is now supported by Apple, Google and Microsoft.

IE10 compares most favorably to IE9 in terms of HTML5 support. Where the latter scored only 138 out of 500, the former scored a handsome 319 out of 500. Google’s Chrome has the best rating so far at 414 out of 500. IE10 earned 6 bonus points for including certain non-standard components such as video codecs. Test this out on the website.

Microsoft has also put up the site to show you what these features can really do (and the fact that they have been well implemented in to the system).

In conclusion, your Metro surfing experience should be a superior one and it will compare favorably and might outstrip the other platforms at certain points.

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