Defrag Windows 8 Quickly Via Defrag.exe

The quickest way to defrag Windows 8 is via “run command” and using the Defrag.exe with parameters.
How to Defrag Windows 8 Quickly

What is Windows Defragmentation?

In any Microsoft-based operating system when you continuously save or delete files all blank clusters are scattered. This means that when a file is stored on the hard disk and the blank clusters are not contagious the file is also stored in noncontagious clusters and therefore whenever the file is read by the hard disk it takes longer time. This is technically known as fragmentation of files.
In order to rectify these issues Windows offers a feature named Windows defragmenter which stores all the fragmented files in contagious clusters which as a result remarkably increases reading speed of the hard disk.
In layman language whenever a user defragments his hard disk it speeds up his computer by opening applications or files smoothly and in lesser time.

Although in Microsoft Windows 8 defragmentation process is by default scheduled but if if you want to quickly defragment your entire hard disk (all the drives) you can create the shortcut on the desktop which can be double clicked whenever defragmentation is required. This shortcut when double clicked initiates the defragmentation process instantaneously.
In order to create a shortcut for defragmentation you are required to follow the steps below:
1 Logon to Windows 8 computer with any account that has administrative privileges.
2 From the available options on the screen click on Desktop.
Click on Desktop Icon
3 On the desktop screen right click anywhere and from the context menu go to New option.
4 From the available submenu click on Shortcut option.
Click on Shortcut Option
5 On the available field type in C:\Windows\System32\Defrag.exe /C command and click on Next button.
Type the Command as Mentioned and Displayed
6 On the next window type in the name of the shortcut, which in this example is Quick Defragment, and click on Finish button when done.
7 In order to defragment using the shortcut, right click on the shortcut icon and from the available context menu click on Run as administrator option.
Click on Run as administrator Option

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