Cute Hello Kitty Windows 8 Theme

Hello Kitty is the cutest Anime character there is. You can easily turn your Windows 8 PC into a cute Hello Kitty PC with this Windows 8 theme!

Cute Hello Kitty Windows 8 Theme
Hello Kitty is so popular in Japan, but also in Europe and the US is has quite a following. What is it that makes it so popular? It’s a very simple character, but yet it fascinates even non-Anime fans. What do you like about Hello Kitty?

First there are a few Hello Kitty desktop background wallpapers in this theme. Let’s take a look at them:
Hello Kitty Desktop Background

Also these cute desktop icons for Windows 8 will be installed:
Cute Windows 8 Desktop Icons

Do you need any new cursors for Windows 8? If so, you need our Hello Kitty Windows 8 theme, because it includes a new cursor set with Hello Kitty cursors. Definitely worth downloading.
Cute Hello Kitty Cursors for Windows 8

Download Free Windows 8 Theme

Download Free Hello Kitty Theme for Windows 8

Download Cute Hello Kitty Theme for Windows 8

If you run into problems installing this theme on Windows 8 developer preview or if you have problems downloading let us know

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