Customizing This OS: Use Classic shell to get a Classic Start menu in Windows 8?

To install and use classic shell in Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.

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Microsoft introduces Metro User Interface in Windows 8. The new Metro User Interface just looks awesome. But if you don’t like it and want to use the old Start menu back along with the new Metro UI, then you will need a third party software : ‘Classic shell’. This application gives you the start menu look like old pattern start menu. It also has a way to switch to Metro UI if you wish to do so.

How to install and Customize Classic Shell Install?

During installation of ‘Classic shell’ application, by default all four features are installed i.e.
Classic Explorer
, Classic Start menu, Classic IE9 and Classic Shell update are installed.
If you do not want other features to be installed, make them unavailable at the time of installation.

Customize Installation

How to use Classic Shell?

After installation, you will get the classic start menu which is very familiar for you. One think I must mention that, If you are worrying that I shall never see the Metro UI again, then relax, use Shift + (left Mouse) click on the start menu icon to get the Metro Start screen.
And also, you can access all metro apps from Programs in the start menu.

Can I customize Classic Shell?

Yes, of course you can. Right click on start menu icon, and you will get the options. Click Settings .

Select settings after Right Click

Classic shell gives you freedom to set skins, to change program behaviour, customize context menu & many more. Switch to All settings from basic Settings to get all customization options.

Customize the classic shell

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