Customize The Start Screen And Add Tiles To Windows 8 Metro Desktop

If you are new to Windows 8, the first thing you should do is customize the start screen and add new tiles. This will give you a good feeling what the new Metro desktop is all about.

Preview image

The tiles present by default in the Metro start screen may not be felt enough to you. In that case this tutorial is really going to help you.

This tutorial will tell you how you can add new tiles at the start screen as of your choice.

Steps to add new tile Windows 8 start screen

I am showing you an example here of adding “regedit” program to start screen. (you can generalize it for any other program)

Step 1: Open “Windows Explorer” explore or open the drive containing your installed Windows 8 (in my case it is C:).

Enable “Hidden items” option from “View” option.

Hidden Items

Step 2: Explore C:\Windows. You will find “regedit” program in this folder. (you may need to go other folders like System or System32 to create

shortcuts of other program).

Step 3: Right click regedit & single click “Create shortcut”.

Create Shortcut

You may see the following warning. Click “yes”.


Step 4: You will see a shortcut on desktop. Copy it & paste into C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu.


Go back to Start screen & you will be able to see the tile. Select & run it whenever needed.

Start Screen Tile

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