Customize and change the Windows 8 logon screen (Lock Screen)

The lock screen aka logon screen is quite easy to change in Windows 8 thanks to a few new features!


What is Logon Screen?

When a user logs into the system, System welcomes the user with a Welcome screen. This screen is also known as Logon Screen or Lock Screen. When the computer wakes up from the Sleep mode or Hibernate mode, then also the logon screen comes up.

In Windows 7 it was very difficult for beginner to change the log on screen manually because you have to do registry editing jobs. It is not a preferable option for beginners and also time consuming. So, a beginner had to use many Third party applications like Logon Screen Editor, Tune Up Utilities, Logon Screen Changer, Logon Screen Tweaker etc.

Unlike Windows 7 and the other previous versions of windows there is much more flexibility in Windows 8 in case of choosing your desired logon screen. You don’t need to do any registry editing. You can simply change your logon screen by going in Control Panel option. There is also no need of any Third party applications for changing your log on screen at all. To know the procedure, see the instructions below.

1. Press the Window button to switch to Metro user interface.

2. Click on Control Panel.

Control Panel

3. Click on Personalize.

4. There are some pictures given so that you can select them to change your lock screen or you can simply click on “Browse” option to choose your desired image from your image collection. Select the picture and then click the Choose Picture button to set the new picture as your lock screen background of Windows 8.


This is one of the awaited features of a next generation operating system and Windows 8 makes it one step closer to that.

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