Cool Windows 8 Naruto Theme

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You’re an Anime fan? Then you have to check out our coolest Anime themes and download this awesome Windows 8 Naruto theme!

Naruto Desktop Theme for Windows 8

Naruto is probably the most famous Anime of all time with a great community. If you’re a Naruto fan please send us your feedback for this Windows 8 theme!

This Windows 8 theme will apply new Naruto desktop icons, here’s a preview ot them:
Naruto Windows 8 icons

If you don’t like the default cursors in Windows 8, you will love these:
Naruto Windows 8 Cursors

And of course, there are many wallpapers for your Windows 8 Metro desktop:
Naruto Windows 8 Wallpapers

Download Naruto Theme

This top theme can be downloaded for free here. It has an orange color scheme and install all of the icons, cursors and wallpapers above automatically. For instructions see below

Download Windows 8 Naruto Theme
Download Naruto Windows 8 Theme

Here’s is another Naruto theme worth downloading: Download 2nd Naruto Theme




More cool top themes will be uploaded to our site. Installing Windows 8 themes is very easy. We have prepared a tutorial for you that should help you to install your themes in less than 3 minutes.

Read the tutorial here: How to install Windows 8 themes

If you need more instructions how to install the Naruto theme on Windows 8, post your error messages below.


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