How to enable cookies in Windows 8 and why 3rd-party cookies should be disabled

Get the most from your online experience by enabling cookies. Learn how to enable them in Windows 8.

enable cookies Windows 8

Cookies vs. Flash Cookies vs. 3rd-Party Cookies

If you are new to cookies you should know that there are a variety of cookies that store information about you on your PC for analysis by external parties. Flash cookies for example are stored via Flash and need to be cleared via the Flash control panel. 1st-party cookies are often required to log into certain websites or use particular services. Disabling cookies is not really an option, but you may disable 3rd-party cookies to avoid tracking.

  • 1st-party cookie: From the website you are visiting
  • 3rd-party cookie: From an external service or website (often to load ads, banners, etc)

If you decide to enable cookies, you can enable only 1st-party cookies and you should be safe from annoying tracking cookies, more about that below.

Why enable cookies in Windows 8?

Cookies are used to personalise your web experience by storing information in files called cookies. Many popular websites like, and etc, use cookies to keep track of your activities and personalised settings. To enable cookies in Windows 8, follow the instructions mentioned below;


1. In the Metro Start Menu, click on the lower left corner. The Start menu pops up. Click on Search.

metro search

2. From the Apps list that appears, click on Control Panel.

control panel

3. In the Control Panel , click on More Settings. This will take you to Control Panel window.

more settings

4. Click on Internet Options.

internet options

5. Select Privacy tab and click on Advanced button.

privacy advanced

6. Check Override automatic cookie handling and select Accept option for both. Check Always allow session cookies. Click Ok when done.

enable cookies

Wait, do you have more info about 1st-party versus 3rd-party cookies versus session cookies?

Yes, to learn more about First party Cookies, Third party Cookies and Session Cookies check out this post.

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