Controlling Apps and Live Tiles in Windows 8

Windows 8 has seen some pretty drastic changes to Microsoft’s user interface. Here is a guide on getting started with controlling apps and lives tiles in Windows 8.

Apps and Live tiles in Windows 8

Windows 8 has been designed from the ground up to cater for a whole range of devices as Microsoft seek to create an operating system that crosses media boundaries. It remains to be seen whether they have been successful or not but for now it is important to know how to perform some of the functions and tasks that may have came more naturally in previous iterations.


Apps and tiles are one of the major new changes for anybody new to Windows 8 but after a few moments spent reading this guide you should have little to fear. Here’s how to get started was performing basic functions on the apps and live tiles in Windows 8.

Getting Started

If you are using housing keyboard combination then right click is still right click in Windows 8. If we are using a touch based device however,you need to touch the tile and drag it slightly downward in the same movement to guess the action command list.

You cant just touch and hold a tile to perform actions on it.Depending on the tile the actions you can perform it will vary.Here are some of the basics to get you started.

Step 1- Unpin From Start

Unpin from start allows you to take away the tile from the start screen itself. This is best used for apps and programs you only find yourself using occaisionaly.

Step 2- Pin/Unpin to Taskbar

Pin/Unpin to taskbar is useful if you want to be able to quickly access certain programs from the operating systems desktop taskbar. Currently you can’t unfortunately pin any apps to the desktop taskbar however.

Step 3- Uninstall

You probably already know what this does but it is important to remember this option uninstalls both the app and the program from your computer. Like in Windows and previous operating systems from Microsoft you can still manage programs from the programs and features window in the Control Panel. This new method is much quicker and easier however and should come in handy.

Step 4- Smaller and Larger

The smaller and larger options allows you to resize app tiles and change the shape example from the square to untangle. For example if you have an email that may give you more information when it is in rectangles based view. Or it could even allow you to see more emails but less information ii a square based view.


This flexibility allows you to get the desired results from your apps and live tiles.

Step 5- Turning Live Tiles Off

This option allows you to turn tiles off from displaying and processing live information by deactivating the life components of the tile. This is probably most beneficial when data usage or battery life is a concern.

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