Configure Applications To Always Run As An Administrator

Annoyed by the regular UAC admin prompt? Why not configure applications to always run as an administrator?

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Windows 8 allows you to configure an application or mark it to run always as an administrator. This is useful in solving compatibility issues with legacy applications. Suppose an application that runs as an administrator in one version of Windows, and if this application is configured to run in default mode in another version, it will generate some errors. So you can eliminate this compatibility issue by marking the application to run always with administrator rights. Not all applications can always run at administrator level. Only non-system applications can always run at this level. The following tutorial will show you how to configure an application to run as an administrator.

Steps to configure Applications to Always Run as an Administrator

1. Select the Shortcut. Right click on it and go to Properties.


2. The Application Properties dialogue box opens. Now click on Advanced Properties.


3. See the option Run as Administrator. By default Run as Administrator is turned off.

disabled runasadmin

4. Click on the box beside the Run as Administrator to mark it. Now the Application will run as Administrator.

Run as Admin

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