Concerned About Battery Problems? Windows 8 RT Devices Will Have Amazing Battery Life

Thanks to a new feature for called connected stand-by, the Windows 8 RT devices will have battery life measured in weeks, not days.

Windows 8 RT devices to have weeks of connected standby time

Windows 8 RT Devices Get Longer Battery Life With Connected Standby

Microsoft recently revealed the names of the four manufacturers who would be manufacturing Windows 8 RT devices initially. Along with that, the company also announced some of the highlights of the Windows 8 RT platform. And one of the best is the elimination of the need to shutdown and reboot the device.

Thanks to a feature called ‘connected standby’ the device will be able to stay connected to the internet and receive all your mails and updates without burning battery. This is much better than just suspending them because not only do you get instant resume but you also get to stay connected all the time. And to ensure this, Microsoft is taking steps to ensure the hardware quality of the devices that will sport connected standby.

Microsoft’s measures to ensure this focuses on the battery drain of the device at various stages over specific time periods. For example, a device that features connected stand by should drain less 5% of total battery power over a period of 16 hours while it is on connected standby. If this happens, it would be a full improvement over smartphones of the current generation that would probably drain the full battery in that time. Users generally consider themselves lucky if they can make a full day without having to clamor for a recharge. The alternative is carrying an external battery but then that is not a very convenient option and just adds one more thing to the list of things that you are likely to lose/forget.

As a comparison to this new feature, almost all other devices on the market are not really instant on or connected standby. Mountain Lion makes MacBooks wake up every 15 minutes to do the syncing and the Google Chromebook requires about 15 seconds to boot up.

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