CMD: Writing A Batch File For Windows 8 (Enhance Productivity)

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If you want to increase your productivity, writing batch files is something you should consider, here’s how easy it is.
How to Write a Batch File in Windows 8

What Are Batch Files?

Batch files are being used ever since command line interface came into existence. With the help of batch files users can automate several command-based tasks in order to save their time by typing the commands in a file and running the batch file to execute all the commands in a single go.

Moreover when batch files are created they can also be scheduled with the help of built-in scheduler program in order to execute the commands written in them at a predefined time.

Batch files can also be created and executed in Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and if as a Windows 8 user you want to create and execute the batch file you are required to follow the steps below:

1 Logon to Windows 8 computer on which you want to create and execute the batch file.

2 From the options available on the screen click on Desktop.

Click on Desktop Icon

3 On the desktop screen press Windows + R keys simultaneously to initiate

Run command box and in the available field type NOTEPAD and press enter key.
Type Notepad in Run

4 On the opened Untitled – Notepad document type in all the commands that you want to execute. (In this example MD command is used to create two folders named AB and CD: MD C:\AB and MD C:\CD).

5 Once written, save the batch file by specifying the name within quotes and providing the extension as .bat instead of .txt in File name field.
Save File with Name and .BAT Extension

6 In order to execute the batch file you can double-click on it. Alternatively you can also right click on the batch file and from the context menu you can click on Run as administrator option if you have written the commands that need elevated privileges.

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