Citrix Commits To Supporting Windows 8 At Launch

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Citrix, the makers of web-conference solution GoToMeeting, has commited to support Windows 8 at launch for all their products.

Citrix Products To Be Windows 8 Ready Soon

Citrix is the company behind a varied number of products that have to do with online virtualization, remote access and conferencing. Most of their products are in extensive use throughout Enterprises and the corporate sector in general. Scott Schwarzhoff, Citrix vice president, product marketing, said during a Sunday event at the company’s Synergy 2012 event that their Citrix Receiver software will be available for Windows 8 at launch. Citrix Receiver is used for ‘playing’ virtualized Windows applications on various different platform that include various versions of Windows as well.

Later during the event, CEO Mark Templeton told the gathering that all their products will be compatible with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 at launch. Citrix Group vice-president and general manager Sumit Dhawan also supported this statement by saying “Windows 8 is a big part of our roadmap.”

The main issue the software makers like these are facing is having to port ‘legacy’ Windows apps to the cloud. Since all of Citrix’s products are for the cloud (like Podia) or cloud-based, the company should have a faster upgrade process. On top of that, Citrix’s products can be used by companies to give a cloud like experience for various different applications that have not made the transition over to cloud and will take years to do so in a way that matches feature per feature of what the legacy app can do now on the user end.

Windows 8 opens a whole range of possibilities for cloud interaction but then software that will become legacy post-Windows 8 will mostly have to be rebuilt by their developers to fit the new environment. However, Windows 8 will still be running legacy applications on Desktop, which ensures that your workflow can still remain the same and you might not have to re-invest if you are already working on Windows 7.

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