Check your system rating (Windows Experience Index) in Windows 8 to compare systems

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The system rating (Windows Experience Index) can be useful to figure out how powerful your system is. This feature is still available in Windows 8

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What is the Windows Experience Index?

The Windows Experience Index defines the capability of your computer’s hardware and software configuration in terms of a score, called the Base score. A computer having a higher base score will perform better and faster than a computer with a lower base score, especially when performing more advanced and resource-intensive tasks. There are many hardware components (Processor, Memory (RAM), Graphics, Gaming Graphics, Primary hard disk) and each hardware component receives an individual sub score (in windows 8 the score currently range from 1.0 to 9.9) according to their capability. The base score of your computer is not the average of the combined sub scores. The overall computer’s base score is determined by the lowest sub score. If the lowest sub score of an individual hardware component is 4.5, then the base score of your computer is 4.5. So, other hardware components may have sub score greater than the base score of your computer.

This base score is very important parameter while you buy any software or games for your computer. You can check the base score required to run a software or a game, from the vendor’s Requirement and Specification document. If the required base score for that software or game is less or equal to the base score of your computer, then it can be assumed that your PC has the capability to handle that particular software or game. For example, if your computer has a base score of 4.5, then you can confidently purchase any software compatible with your version of Windows that requires a computer with a base score of 4.5 or lower.


Steps to check your system rating (Windows Experience Index)

1. Press (Windows + E) keys to open Computer, where you can see your all computer partitions and external removable drives.

2. Now, Right-click in the free space of computer window and select Properties option.

Computer Properties

3. System window will open. If you have not yet run Windows Experience Index you will see System rating is not available.Click on that.

System Window

4. Performance Information and tools window will open. You can see there the text Your Windows Experience Index has not yet been established . Now, click on Rate this computer option.

Start Rating

5. The rating process will be started. It will take a few minutes. You screen may blink and system can be unresponsive during the running of this process.

Rating Running

6. When the process ends, you can see the Windows Experience Index rating of your computer.

Experience Index

As discussed previously, the minimum of all sub scores is considered as the base score of your computer. So, the base score of the computer according to this screenshot is 5.6.

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