Change Touch Keyboard Behaviour in Windows 8 via Control Panel

If you are running Windows 8 on a tablet, you should most certainly change the touch keyboard behaviour via the Control Panel.

 Touch Keyboard Combined

There is no doubt that Windows 8 is the beginning of one of the most revolutionary things to hit computing platforms. Windows 8 will run on both PCs and tablets. In the next version of Windows; Microsoft has merged their operating systems for tablets and PCs just like Google’s Android. Windows 8 has various customizable touch keyboard behaviours. There are two different types of Touch Keyboards for Windows 8. One is for Windows 8 running on a PC. You can see the picture of this type of Touch Keyboard in the following picture.

Touch Keyboard

There is another type of Touch Keyboard, which is mainly for Windows 8 running on a tablet. This one is split style Touch Keyboard. This type of keyboard can also be used in PCs.

Split Touch Keyboard

It looks The Touch Keyboard is a really nice virtual keyboard, and it is perfect for tablet PCs. It has nice black Metro styled UI. This Touch Keyboard is designed for speed and comfortable typing experience. Both keyboards include a number of features to improve overall typing experience. Features like word suggestions, automatically capitalization of the first letter of each sentence, showing correct word suggestion for a misspelled word (Auto correct option may be enabled or disabled from settings) adds plus points to this Touch Keyboard.

You can also add hotkeys in this keyboard for computing, like Ctrl+ u –for underline, Ctrl+i for italic, Ctrl+z– for undo etc. But there are lacks of some features which we can see in popular 3rd party Android keyboards like Slide it. Hope Microsoft will provide additional updates to add more features in this product.

In the Snapshots you will see all the features for Touch Keyboard. To enable or disable the features , follow the instructions below.

1. Click on Start.
2. Click on Control Panel.

Click on Control Panel

3. Then Click on the Generaloption in the left side. Then change the options under Touch Keyboard according to your need.

Select the General Option

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