Change the Windows Explorer Icon Size and Layout Folder View in Windows 8

The icon sizes of the explorer icon can be changed. Read our guide on how to change the Windows Explorer Icon Size and Layout Folder View

Folder Resize Image

Every operating system has their default settings for each and every thing, form wallpaper to colour settings, icon size, theme, different layouts etc. Also there are several ways for customizing these settings according to your own need and choice. If you want to make the icons appearing on the Desktop to be of large size, or change the view settings of subfolders within a folder everything can be done if you follow some easy steps. You can also change all the settings by applying your chosen theme if that fulfils your requirement. If you want to change the Icon size and layout folder view in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, then follow the instructions given below.

There are mainly two way of changing the layout and icon sizes:-

Method I

1. Navigate to the folder, you want to change the icon sizes.

Smaller folder Icon

2. Press and hold the Control (Ctrl ) key and scroll your mouse up for increasing current icon size or scroll down
to decrease current folder icon size. Here the icon size has been increased by scrolling the mouse up.

larger folder Icon

Method II

1. Navigate to the folder where you want ot change the icon sizes.

Smaller folder Icon

2. Now choose the appropriate icon size from the View pane. You can set it as Extra large Icons,
Large Icons, Medium icons,Small icons, List or Details. Here
Details view is shown.

Detail folder View

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