Change number of rows on Windows 8 metro desktop

If you want to change number of rows on Windows 8 metro, refer to the tutorial below.

4 Row Metro UI

Microsoft is full of surprises. In the developer’s preview version of Windows 8, Microsoft introduces Metro user interface. In metro user interface, you can see everything in tiles in several rows. The numbers of row depend on your desktop’s resolution. If your desktop’s resolution is 800 X 600, then there will be 3 rows. If you have 1366 X 768, then you will have 4 rows. There is another way of changing the number of rows except from changing resolution. To change the number of rows, read the instructions carefully.

1. Open the Run Dialog Box by pressing Windows + R. Now type regedit and press Enter.

Open Regedit

2. Navigate to the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell\Grid.

Navigated Regedit

3. Now right click on empty pane and click on New. Now click on DWORD(32-bit) value. Name the new key as Layout_MaximumRowCount.

 Add New DWORD

4. Now right click on this key and select modify. Change the value data to 3 or 4 , depending on your need.

Modify value

Now you can see that value is set to 3 beside this key.

Added Dword

5. Now click the OK button and close the registry editor.
Log off from your current user account.

Log Off

When you log in again you will see 3 row in the metro user interface.

3 Row metro UI

In future if you want to change the row number then change only the value in the registry.

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