Change Metro icons in Windows 8

If you like the new Metro desktop, but want to change the Metro icons, you should definitely consider reading this guide with a lot of tips on how to customize it.

Changed Metro icon Preview

Windows 8 introduces a new Graphical User Interface, the Metro UI, much different from its predecessor, the Aero. It shows all the applications along with their icons in the form of tile. These default icons can be changed anytime. The application icons are shown in start screen in tiles. This can be easily moved anywhere by tapping it by mouse and then place it on another place of your choice. Not only that, you can also change these icons. You can change this icons to some given icons or any other icons having .ico extension. If you want to customize these icons, then follow the instructions carefully.


1. Go to start screen, choose the application icon to be replaced, right click on it .

select icon

Now click on Advanced options shown at the bottom right and select Open File Location.

Open File Location

2. Now Right-click on the icon and select property.

select property

4. Now click on Change Icon and a list of choices will appear. Choose the icon you want form the list. And press Ok to finalise it.

select icon

You can also choose you own icon except those given icons. But in that case, you have to choose files having “.ico” extensions, and you have to browse to select them. Now press the Ok button in property window and you are done with it.

Click Ok

Now you can see the icon of explorer has been changed.

Changed icon

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