CES Review: Windows 8 Ready For Mobile Devices

The 2011 CES (consumer electronics show) was one of the first times that people could really get excited by the release of Windows 8 because we actually received official news! In this guide, we will explore a bit more about what we heard at the CES.
windows 8 ces

Steve Ballmer led the discussion to the large crowd of press members and CES goers in early January 2011, a meeting which had been in place for about one year. Everybody was waiting with baited breath for Mr. Ballmer’s discussion and it was by far the most anticipated discussion of the thousands that took place over the three days.

Windows 8 on ARM

The discussion surrounding the next version of Windows got off to a disappointment, as the keynote speaker mentioned that they would not be showing any user interfaces or new designs on the Windows 8 system, not that it was expected, it just would have been a nice touch!
They went on to show the motherboard for the new Windows 8 system which was no bigger than the length of the keynote speakers little finger and no wider than half his little finger.

The main focus was the fact that Windows would be able to be run on a low end system (on chip) without any errors or compatibility issues. They also ‘hooked up’ a Windows 7 phone to prove that the technology for compatibility was already flawless.

ARM Based Systems

Microsoft also announced partnership with three other companies in order to use ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) based system. One thing that many were worried about with an ARM is that the systems would perform much slower; however, based on what we saw at CES 2011 is looks like there was little issue with speed.

There were also no compatibility issues with the ARM systems as some people thought. Mr. Ballmer demonstrated a version of Microsoft Word 2010 that run perfectly on the ARM system. He then went onto print something, which worked without issue, explaining that the print driver (on ARM), is one of the developments that had been completed.
Mr. Ballmer then went onto a third system to demonstrate PowerPoint, which once again ran without any issue. However, the most impressive feat was the demonstration of HD video on the ARM system which ran without speed issues, which will be a relief to many sceptics.

While the findings at CES were impressive, Windows would have never displayed anything that was undeveloped or not ready, and many of us already knew that these features would be available on the next version of Windows, but it was nice to see them in action none the less.

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