Businesses Are Very Interested In Windows 8

Next year you might be working on Windows 8 at your corporate workplace according to a recent study that shows businesses taking a lot of interest in Windows 8.

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Survey Shows Surging Business Interest In Windows 8

The corporate world has taken a liking to Windows 8 and is actively looking forward to it, says a recent survey of enterprise-level organizations. In the beginning, Windows 8 was seen more as a commercial product meant only for individual users. This view was mainly adopted because of the completely overhauled UI. But now it seems certain core features of Windows 8 are attracting businesses to it.

Two of these core features are definitely the secure boot process that only allows the booting of a signed OS and the built-in virtualization. Virtualization allows for multiple users to operate from the same server without having individual machines of their own. Having this feature built in to the OS will allow businesses to create more streamlined work networks. As the end user, you will have a better computer based working environment in your office if you are working for an enterprise.

Adoption Might Still Be Slow As Companies Are Still Planning On Deployment

The survey data shows that the companies are just contemplating on deployment right now. So they are at the stage where they are considering the OS for organization-wide usage but have not finished deciding yet. Whether the go forward with it of course depends on the future version of Windows 8. The currently available version is the Developer Build Preview and the one to follow would be the Beta Build. This is expected to be followed by the RC (Release Candidate) when the OS will be available with all its intended features followed by the RTM or Gold Master when manufacturers will get their hands on it for shipping with their computers.

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