Businesses Are Already Working On Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 seems to be just months away from a commercial release and businesses are already busy developing their own apps for their employees and customers.

Businesses busy developing Windows 8 apps

Windows 8 Business Apps Are Already In The Labs

Businesses are anticipating a Windows 8 launch and are busy building apps for the new platform for both their employees and customers. Most of them want to be amongst the first to take advantage of the advanced features that will come built in to the next step in the evolution of the Windows OS. This piece of information was revealed during the Microsoft keynote address at TechEd.

Amongst the prominent companies that are part of this new wave of app development is online technology retailer Newegg, furniture retailer Rooms To Go, New Belgium Brewing and also Wikipedia. Adding to these numbers are a number of telecom companies and healthcare organizations who are developing apps for both internal use and also for external, customer-oriented use. And they are focusing more on tablets than on PCs, though they are developing apps for both.

With Windows 8, the shift to touch-based computer use is clearly taking priority at most developmental efforts. Tablets and touchscreen based PCs are seen as taking precedence in the post-PC world that Windows 8 seems to designed to cater and the companies are eager to ride the wave the best they can.

Microsoft also mentioned that even though a lot of companies have already deployed apps for existing platforms such as Apple’s iPad and some even for Android, a majority of them are apparently waiting for a platform that integrates fully with their backend infrastructure. According to Microsoft, Windows 8 is that platform.

Windows is already the dominant system in Enterprises and Windows 8 offers new-era technology such as touchscreens and a post-PC environment that businesses can support without having to build their backend from scratch.

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