Business Users Still Unsure About Windows 8 Despite Release Date Announcement

Microsoft has announced October 26 this year as the official release date for Windows 8 but with barely three months to go, business users are still not entirely convinced about switching to Windows 8.

Business users are uncertain about upgrading to Windows 8

Business Users Yet To Make Up Their Minds About Windows 8

Microsoft has announced the release date for Windows 8 as October 26th and it is moving full steam ahead with the preparations. The RTM (Release To Manufacturing) build is supposed to be delivered to hardware partners in less than a month’s time from now. Office 2013 has been released and has been received with much fanfare. Still, there’s one class of users who are not entirely convinced. Sadly for Microsoft, these are some of the most important users Windows has — business users.

For many, the interface represents a major shift in the way their workflow has been set up. Even though Microsoft is convinced that it is for the best, users are still wary of such a drastic change. There’s also the question of the upgrade price, which will be $39.99 till January 31, 2013. But there’s no information regarding the pricing of a regular Windows 8 license. Then there’s also the question of it being unavailable on retail and only being available as the OEM ‘System Builder’ version.

An OS as different and brand new as the new Windows 8 is also going to be a nightmare for the IT departments at businesses. Even though Windows 8 preserves most of the classic bits of older Windows, it is still a very new beast to system administrators. And it breeds new problems with its automated cloud syncing and seamless device integration. The enterprise has desktops and laptops and till there it is more or less well managed. Then there are phones where BlackBerry once used to be king but is now rivaled by Apple. Microsoft is going to be pushing for this market with a whole vigor once Windows 8 is launched. And there are tablets, which Windows 8 will be implementing in to the Windows ecosystem like never before and all of it will be synced up together.

Put together, businesses will have a tough time putting down newer data regulations for security, access and retention whilst trying not to lock out the best features of the advanced OS. Hence it is possible that business users will take much longer to move to Windows 8 than the regular user.

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