Broken: How to remove write protection from USB drive in Windows 8

If you want to remove write protection from your USB drive, refer to the instructions below.

write protected preview

What is Write Protection & Disable Write Protection

Sometimes, virus gets attached to your pen drive and it becomes write protected i.e. you can’t copy anything into it although you can read it and copy data from USB device to hard disk.
The above picture is about such an error.

Some devices also has a write protection switch in its hardware part like the following

Right Protection

Different Solutions to this Problem


Editing Registry

Most frequently this problem can be solved using registry editing

Press window+R to start “Run”prompt.

Type regedit into it & press enter & allow it by pressing Yes


Registry editor has been started & expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

REgistry editor

Expand SYSTEM & go to SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control

REgistry editor

Search for StorageDevicePolicies & change value of WriteProtect to 0

Change value

Format USB drive

If the usb drive is still “Write protected” then you may perform a “low-level format” on the drive.
Download this software to perform the “low-level format” of the USB drive.
Insert your drive & apply format


After format it may not work. But don’t worry. Do the following

Click Open Disk Management Console & format the device


Select the correct drive, right click on it & apply format. You are free to select any volume name or file system for formatting.

Search for a “lock switch”

Some USB drives have a lock switch that prevents you to make ANY changes to its content. In such cases consult the handbook provided or examine the USB drive. Once you find the switch, you can easily unlock and remove the write protection from your drive.

Right Protection Switch

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