Bring Metro To Your Explorer With This Third-Party Windows 8 App

This third-party app brings the joys of the Windows 8 Metro Interface to the one place in Windows that has not been graced with its presence — the Explorer.

how to get metro for Windows 8 Explorer

Install Immersive Explorer To Bring Metro To Windows Explorer

Do you feel the need for a Metro version of the Windows Explorer? If your answer is yes, take heart for you are not alone. And you are certainly not without a solution. A developer known as Julien Manici has been working on this problem and he has come up with a solution that is called Immersive Explorer. In simple terms, this a third-party plugin that allows you to explore your files in a Metro-like environment.

Even though it is not a Metro app, it still has the same look and feel of Metro. It has the same tiled UI and offers Windows features such as scroll to zoom and keyboard based navigation. Future plans for the app includes full touch support as well. It has been built to take advantage of the advanced hardware based graphics acceleration in Windows 8 and thus performs exceedingly well.

One good thing about this application is that it is not an Explorer shell replacement. So you will not need administrative rights to install this app. It instead behaves as any other app and allows you to run it side by side with the actual Explorer in Windows.

The app is quite well made and supports most of the common file types. You can perform all the common functions such as cut, copy, paste, rename and delete. If you are in a folder with lots of photos, it has a built in photo viewer too. There are arrows on either side that allow you scroll to other folders or more files. The app is in its early stages, so it is still missing a few things like links to the Control Panel. But the developer Manici is working on this regularly and promises to update it regularly. In the meantime, you can checkout the app at the developer’s website —

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