Booting Time Of Windows 8 Claimed To Be Too Fast For The Average User To Access Advanced Boot Options

Microsoft claims Windows 8 users will not have the time to trigger boot options thanks to the superfast boot speeds of the new OS.
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Windows 8 Boot Times Claimed To Be Too Fast To Trigger Boot Menu

Microsoft claims that the Windows 8 boot times would be much too fast to allow the average user to trigger the boot menu before the OS boots up. According to a blog post this week, made by program manager Chris Clark from the Windows User Experience Team, the new OS would boot to the desktop in under 7 seconds flat. It would need to be equipped with a Solid State Drive though.

Users with Windows XP, Vista and even Windows 7 have ample time to hit F2 or F8 before their systems go in to POST (Power On Self Test). These advanced boot options would let the users perform diagnostics and run recovery tools. It would also allow them to boot from alternative devices. However, that time window in Windows 8 would be about 200 miliseconds when running off an SSD. That is 1/5th of one second, which is short enough for even veteran gamers to find it challenging. So to solve the problem, Microsoft has come up with alternative boot options.

In case Windows cannot boot, it will automatically take the user to the advanced boot options. Even in situations where Windows thinks it can boot such when a display driver is at fault, Windows will still take the user to advanced boot options. The manual way access the boot option (other than hitting the F8 key in the first 200ms) is to go to PC settings through the Settings Charm. But the easiest way to access it would be to hold down the shift key when the hitting the restart button. This was implemented so that boot options can still be accessed when nobody is signed in to the system. There’s also a command line options if you are so inclined — “Shutdown.exe /r /o” — the “/o” will trigger boot options.

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