Booting: How to change the time to wait before default OS runs automatically at startup in Windows 8?

To change the time to wait before the default OS runs automatically at start up in Windows 8, refer to the tutorial below.

Options Image

Every operating system has a default time to wait before the confirmation of choice. By default this time is 30 second for all the case. But this time can be changed. If you have only one operating system i.e., Windows 8, then it will not wait. But if you have it with another operating system such as Windows 7 like me or Ubuntu or whatever else, then you have to wait a specific amount of time before the machine automatically boot with the default operating system. Unlike other operating system, changing this time is much easy in Windows 8. Here during the boot time, you can go to the advanced settings and chnaged according to your requirement. In order to change time to wait before default OS runs automatically, follow the instructions carefully.

Method 1 :

1. If you are using two or more operating system in your computer, windows 8 provides a list to choose the Operating System to boot if Windows 8 is the default Operating system. In the boot Screen, below the list, there is a link ‘Choose default or Choose other options’ . To change the time duration before switching the default Operating System, Click the link.

Boot Option in Boot Screen

2. Windows will show you the options available during boot time.There are three options as follow, Change the timer , Choose a default Operating System & Choose other options . To change the time, Click on Change the timer .

Select Change the timer

3.This will provides you a limited options to change the timer. There are only three alternatives, 5 minutes, 30 Seconds, & 5 sec. Click according to your need. But if you need more customised time, follow the Method 2 or Method 3.

Select from predefined values

Method 2.

1. Press Windows key + R to open Run dialog box. Type msconfig in the dialog box and click OK.

Run Dialog box

2. A new window will appear, known as System Configuration wizard. Move to the Boot tab.

3. Under Boot Options change the Timeout value according to your choice. This will be the new time duration before automatically switching to the default operating system. Click OK or Apply to confirm the change.

Change time out value

Method 3.

1. Open Command Prompt as an Administrator . To run command prompt as an administrator, type Command Prompt in the Windows 8 Metro Home Screen. Right click on the tile and select Run as Administrator from the sidebar , appeared below.

Run command prompt as an Administrator

2. Type bcdedit /timeout time . Replace ‘time’ with your own desired value. This will be the time duration before automatically switching to the default operating system. Carefully maintain the blank spaces and syntax in the command to ensure success.

use bcdedit command

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