BlueStacks Will Allow Android Apps To Run On Windows 8

BlueStacks software will enable users to run Android Apps on Windows 8 through emulation.

Bluestack for Windows 8 Android apps

Android Emulation Coming To Windows 8

More choice is usually a good thing. And BlueStacks aims to provide just that to Windows 8 users. For those who want to work on Windows 8 but still miss some Android Apps, BlueStacks is an emulation-software that will soon allow users to run those apps natively on Windows 8.

BlueStacks came got the attention of the tech industry by being the technology on ViewSonic’s Windows/Android tablet. It is essentially a Windows tablet device that has Android running on it via the BlueStacks emulation layer. This compatibility layer allows the tablet to have a Android on Windows experience. The makers of the software have plans for developing the same compatibility option for Windows 8. It will come with the full multi-touch support that the software currently provides for Windows 7.

More Third Party Apps For Windows 8

If BlueStacks can deliver what it has promised, then Windows 8 would be launching with the whole collection of available Android apps being counted as part of its third-party ecosystem. This means many Android developers would not have to take time to learn developing for Windows 8. They can just create for Android and ask users to use BlueStacks to run it. Depending on how well BlueStacks runs, it might even be able to create live tiles for Android Apps.

It is clear by now that many prefer the Windows 8 tablet experience to the Android tablet experience. That includes entire companies like Dell. This kind of compatibility would simply make transition easier for a lot of entrenched Android users to switch to Windows 8.

Here’s the video demo for Bluestacks.

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