Black Screen of Death in Windows 8? Could Be Temporary

The latest leaked Windows 8 build revealed that the blue screen of death may become a “black screen of death”.
windows 8 black screen of death

What is the Blue Screen of Death?

The blue screen of death is an error screen that is displayed when Windows encounters a problem that it cannot fix or recover on its own. It is displayed and tells the user to reboot the system. Seeing this screen on your monitor almost always means you’re your system crashed. It was for this reason that it was dubbed the Blue Screen of Death.

windows 8 blue screen of death

Is Windows 8 Changing to a Black Screen?

It seems to be the case that Microsoft’s infamous blue screen of death will be switched to be black with the release of their Windows 8 operating system. Computer users world-wide have been shaking their heads over this projected change and no one at Microsoft seems to be interested in answering the question about why this change is being implemented.

Has Windows Ever Used a Different Coloured Screen of Death Before?

One of the best ways to answer this question perhaps is to look at it from a historical perspective. Windows 3X also used a black screen of death when the system encountered an unrecoverable problem. When DOS applications did not load properly, you’d also get a black screen only.

If you were a Microsoft Vista user, you might recall that early releases of that operating system used a red screen of death. It was also implemented in beta releases of Windows 98.

These changes have almost always been implemented on a temporary basis. Despite all this, no concrete reasons for the change have been given. At present, it is all just speculation.


No one knows for sure if this black screen of death will eventually be used in Windows 8. Microsoft has been very secretive about any potential changes.

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