Beginners: Take ownership of a file in Windows 8 (Simple How-To)

To take the ownership of a file in Windows 8 is not so easy for beginners, that’s why we wrote a little how-to on this topic that should help you to get started

Ownership preview

Why file ownership matters

Ownership of a file means permission of owner of that file. In an Operating system, during some file operation, you may get an error message “Access Denied” and one of the reason behind this error message is that you are not the owner of that file or folder.
So you don’t have the permission for that operation. In that case you have to take the ownership of that file.

Suppose you want to replace explorer.exe, then you will get an error message. if you take the ownership of explorer.exe , then it will not show any error message.
You can follow the instructions below to take the ownership of a file in Windows 8.

1. Dow load the file Take form here.

2. Extract the file .You will get 2 registry editor file in that folder. One is Install Take Ownership and Uninstall Take Ownership.

 Take Ownership Folder

3. Double click on the fileInstall take Ownership to install it. First it will ask your permission for running it.

Confirm to run

Then registry editor will ask you to continue.

Confirm Regedit

After editing registry it will how you the success messege.

Done Regedit

Now you can easily take ownership of any file or folder, just by a mouse click. Check it by right clicking on any file or folder. You will see an option Take Ownership.

Ownership Example

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